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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended to service it once a year by a professional to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Neglecting maintenance can lead to reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, and an increased risk of system breakdowns.

Regular professional servicing is crucial for preventive maintenance, addressing potential issues before they escalate, even if the system appears to be working well.

Unusual noises, foul odors, uneven cooling, and sudden increases in energy bills are signs that your air conditioner may need immediate attention.

While some tasks can be handled by homeowners (e.g., changing filters), professional technicians are essential for thorough inspections and complex repairs to ensure the system’s longevity.

Dirty filters restrict airflow, reduce efficiency, and can lead to system overheating. Regular replacement or cleaning is crucial.

Warning signs include frequent cycling, inconsistent cooling, and the presence of water leaks. Timely servicing can address these issues before they worsen.

Regular professional maintenance, prompt repairs, and ensuring proper ventilation around the outdoor unit can contribute to a longer lifespan.

Absolutely. Regular servicing ensures the system operates efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.

In addition to regular servicing, ensure proper insulation, seal any air leaks, and keep the outdoor unit free from debris for optimal performance in hot weather.

Yes, dirty condenser coils hinder heat dissipation, reducing the system’s efficiency. Regular cleaning during maintenance is crucial.

Maintenance plans often offer cost savings, priority service, and regular check-ups, making them a worthwhile investment for the longevity of your system.

We accept various forms of payment, including cash, TnG and online transfer options. Payment is typically processed after the service is completed, and we’ll provide you with an invoice for your records via Whatsapps or email.

We offer a diverse range of payment methods for your convenience.

For Instant Transfer:

The payment will usually be reflected within 60 minutes after we receive the payment, except for transactions made after 6 pm, on public holidays, weekends, or during the lunch hour.

For Interbank GIRO (IBG) Transfer:

The payment will be reflected once our bank receives the mentioned payment.

For Bank Transfers:
  • Bank Name: Maybank
  • Account Holder: HOUZMONI SDN.BHD.
  • Account Number: 5644 8142 6263

Any inquiries about Maybank transfer procedure, please refer to Maybank FAQs

Notice: Experience hassle-free transactions by opting for the convenience of Online Banking. Say goodbye to cash handling and embrace a seamless payment process.

Kindly contact us for any further inquiries about payment.

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